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Hours of Operation:
24 Hours a Day
24-Hour Emergency Service Available

Residential Services

Classic Diamond Plumbing takes pride in new residential construction from the moment we install the first length of pipe until we install your last toilet. We believe in “ treat yours as you want to be treated” and that’s a mentality we always bring to every job.

We adhere to “up to date” safety laws and professionalism throughout the company and perform our work with experienced and knowledgeable plumbers using only the top suppliers, machinery and material. We can Job Estimate from 1,300 sq ft single family homes to 25,000 sq ft Club houses with specifications and submittals in all jobs, and supervisors on each job.

We have completed hundreds of single family homes (including custom homes)

Let us show you just a few:
  • Cranberry Crossings (Fiddlers Creek)
  • Bellagio
  • Chiasso
  • Deer Crossing
  • Majorca
  • Mallards Landing
  • Sussex Place (Lely Resort)
  • Prestwick Place
  • Cottermore
  • Mooregate
  • Avonia @ The Classics
  • Caldecott
Major Fixture Manufacturers Major Contractors
  • STOCK Construction
  • P.B.S Contractors
  • Gulf Bay Construction
  • Grand Bay Building & Developers
  • APM Homes
Major Suppliers
  • Brodell Plumbing Supply, Inc.
  • Ferguson Enterprise, Inc.
  • Gorman Company
  • Hughes Supply, Inc.
  • Noland
  • Wool Supply